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Special report on electronic components industry: CCL under new boom

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    The macroeconomic and industrial boom has led to a new upward cycle for the CCL industry. With the substantial warming of the global economy, the continuous increase of CCL production capacity to China, domestic substitution and rising downstream demand, and other multiple favorable factors, China's CCL industry has seen a new upward cycle. The output of Chinese copper clad laminates has accounted for 70% of the world's total, and the global PCB production value accounts for nearly 50% of the world's total. Upstream and downstream produce domestic synergies.

       This round has seen a trend towards structural changes in high-end products.

       In the context of rapid development of automotive electronics, upgrading of electronic industry technologies such as communications technologies, and increasing demand for environmental protection and special markets, the CCL industry is gradually moving toward high-end manufacturing, and the proportion of product structure has become a trend. Products will be phased out. In the future, companies with high-end product R&D and production capabilities will expand their market share faster. The proportion of CCL used in communications has continued to increase for many years and it has become the largest user. Since last year, automobiles and industrial control have become the industries with the fastest growth ratio.

       The cycle will not be very short, and industry profits will continue.

       According to historical data, it is still in the early stage of the cycle, from the early stage of upstream raw materials to the conduction to the stage of the promotion of raw materials and the pull of downstream demand. The upstream and downstream price transmission in the industry is still unblocked, so excellent companies in the industry will continue to maintain Good profitability. Representative companies in the industry include Shengyi Technology (600183), Kingboard Laminates (01888), Jinan International (002636), and Huazheng New Materials (603186).

       risk warning.

       The macro economy is rapidly falling; the industry chain has continued to lower prices since the upper reaches; the downstream demand for the industrial chain has shrunk dramatically; and the progress in the listing of high-tech product development has been slow.


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