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In-depth understanding of electronic components

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       Whenever we dismantle electronic products, we are surprised to see the dense components on the electronic circuit board: the operation of electronic products depends on them! If you like hands, you are surely not unfamiliar with electronic components. Even if you can't name them, you can get a general understanding of their functions. However, if you learn to be old, live well, and learn to learn, we certainly will not refuse to learn to progress! Next, Xiao Bian told everyone to have a deep understanding of electronic components.

       Electronic components are a general term for electronic components and electronic devices. Electronic components are products that do not change the molecular composition at the time of processing. They usually include resistors, capacitors, inductors, potentiometers, relays, connectors, various sensitive components, resonators, filters, and switches. In many cases, electronic components often refer to resistors, capacitors, and inductors. The electronic device refers to a product whose molecular structure has been changed during the production process of a factory, and usually includes a diode, a transistor, an integrated circuit, and the like.

       The role of electronic components

       We all know that electronic products need a program to run, and that the program depends on what to run, no matter big rockets, aircraft, automotive electronics, small mobile phones, sports bracelets, etc., no need to use electronic circuit boards, product design The most important part of the early stage is also the electronic circuit board. The important parts of the program software to ensure the normal operation of the electronic circuit board are large and small components. The electronic components are connected to the PCB board through SMT chip mounting or after DIP soldering. And import the program software, you can conduct functional testing.



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